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This Is Us

We're big believers in the power of community, a delicious cup of coffee, a good healthy meal, and a friendly place to enjoy it all.

Stop by for a warm conversation, fresh, locally sourced food, served with a warm smile.

Avocado and Beetroot Toast

The Best Bite & Coffee in
the Neighborhood

Serving you the freshest cup of coffee, pastry, light lunch menu, as well as giving you the coziest, warmest, spot to relax. 

Food is a connector.

It can bring people together for a meal, give us a safe space to learn about other people and cultures, and connect us to the land

From Our Hearts
to Your Plate

Ian & Laura Oundo are the proud owners of Rafiki Coffee & Cafe. 

I'm originally from Uganda, where I grew up and immigrated from almost 18yrs ago. My wife Laura's family is originally from New York, but she grew up in Northern Minnesota. We hope to share our love for building community, family, and food, with you and the world through our coffeehouse. 

Thank you for visiting our website, we welcome you to come visit us at our coffeehouse. We would love to have and host you.


Please feel free to reach out anytime;

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